Troy Atlantic Ltd.

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About Us

Troy Atlantic Limited is a fully fledged distributor, managing and controlling the entire distribution value chain.
We are an organization with diversified experiences in supply chain, distribution, sales and promotions boosting the value chain with top notch professionalism.

Operating across Nigeria, TROY focuses on the distribution of a very extensive range of food and beverages, culinary, snacks and cereals, household and personal care products especially Nigerian, African as well as imported brands.

Our sales operations are organized in groups of product category, each having its own dedicated sales team to deliver the right focus by product and by customer. These groups cover directly all channels including traditional, wholesale, modern trade and specialty channels. We work in full collaboration and transparency with our business partners, sharing data in order to act in a timely and effective manner to respond to the needs of the business.

We are keen on developing our network of business partners in various markets and on working with new partners in developing the distribution of their quality consumer products and brands.
We continue expanding our portfolio, having strong base across Nigerian markets and have commence penetration moves to other markets across the West and North African regions, including Egypt, Ghana, Benin Republic, Togo, among others.

Not only do we care about our customers, TROY also selects and retains top talents across all functions and provide them with necessary training and development programs to help them advance in their careers and improve their business contribution in line with their professional aspirations and the company’s needs.

TROY optimizes the use of information and telecommunication technology tools to provide the maximum operational efficiency and access to online real time data across all functions.